I love working with people! Throughout my research career, I've been extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with SO MANY amazing collaborators ever since my very first project (see the author list of my publications, and there's always new faces)!

Mentoring students is probably what I enjoy the most in my work. I love knowing their needs and motivations, and tailoring the experience for them to achieve where they want to be, not where I or any other people think they should be. I'm always so proud of my students, but what's more rewarding is to see them building confidence and feeling proud of themselves! Now, please allow me to brag about them! :)

Updates: Starting from 2023, I'm doing 1-1 mentoring for PhD student in all fields on general topics that may not be project related. Please refer to the Volunteering section on my LinkedIn if you are interested.

High School Students


Graduate Students